ITSP's SmartSPE™ is online SPE that delivers easy to operate high throughput automation in a single robust sample cleanup / measurement workflow.  Only ITSP achieves LC column performance in a single use SPE device! 

ITSP SmartSPE™ in the News


ThermoFisher announces uSPE Clean-up Tool for TriPlus RSH Autosampler


CTC Analytics introduced their PAL RTC with several turnkey solutions and ITSP is one of those offerings. This opens the door for Gas Chromatographers to to access the benefits of ITSP's in-line SmartSPE technology with the RTC's ability to change syringes.


Mark Hayward, Chief Science Officer of ITSP Solutions, Inc., presented an expanded presentation detailing his research and data supporting the superior performance of ITSP SmartSPE. Be sure to see the surprise at the end of the presentation.


Dr. Steven Lehotay, USDA ARS ERRC, Lead Chemist and Yelena Sapozhnikova presented data relating to the use of ITSP SmartSPE in their lab for a variety of foods. The data not only yields great results but the combination of their Low Pressure GC method offers productivity gains that are significant when compared to current work flows including a dramatic reduction in data analysis due to the easy integration of peaks.


Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Laboratory Services Branch approves ITSP SmartSPE method for THE DETERMINATION OF 1,4-DIOXANE IN WATER BY AUTOMATED


Mark Hayward presented ITSP SmartSPE concepts during his podium presentation at MSACL. Mark's Presentation, Use of Automation to Achieve High Performance Solid Phase Extraction, was well attended and Mark's data proved that ITSP's SmartSPE gives similar performace to LC Column behavior in that van Deemter curves can be generated to achieve 100% load and elution of samples


This article offers a general description of the advantages of ITSP Solutions, Inc. SmartSPE. Mark presents his data in depth at MSACL 2017, in Palm Springs, CA, during the General Scientific Session 3 (Track 4), on Tuesday, January 24, 2017.

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MSACL was in Palm Springs, CA and Pittcon was in Atlanta, GA this year. We enjoyed seeing many of our old friends and making many new ones at our booth and in various meetings and sessions. We showed booth visitors that ITSP is a superior disposable SPE technology unlike any other column or well-plate SPE format when coupled with the PAL System to achieve optimum flow characteristics of the packed chromatographic SPE sorbent.  So precise in fact that we are able to plot van Deemter curves for our cartridges replicating known HPLC chromatographic behavior and performance.


We have updated the ITSP PAL RTC Hardware Configuration Guide so that the PAL RTC object names match those used in the default ITSP configuration and sample methods embedded in the PAL RTC and in PAL Sample Control by CTC Analytics. This guide offers installers detailed instructions for installing hardware associated with ITSP® solutions for on-line sample preparation.