Important Developments Regarding Our QuEChERS Products

An important development has occurred with regards to ITSP Solutions’ two main products for clean-up of QuEChERS extracts, product numbers 45-UMPCX-T (and 45-UMPCX-V), GC-MS/MS clean-up and 30-UC18HX-T (and 30-UC18HX-V) LC-MS/MS clean-up.

It was reported to us that both products were losing analytes that were commonly measured in their regular program measuring hundreds of compounds. They initially said they thought it was from the PSA in the GC cartridge and the Hybrid-SPE found in the LC cartridge. Thinking it odd that the two cartridges were both failing simultaneously ITSP informed them that they should look at the carbon we were using. It was the only common powder in both except the C18. We sell C18 to a variety of customers in a variety of industries with no complaints it was easily eliminated. What’s more, the PSA and Hybrid-SPE were two separate vendors. What our customer didn’t know was the vendor that supplied the carbon to us had just produced a new lot of the material which meant it could have been defective.

The customer confirmed the issue was the carbon and supplied us data to support the issue after ITSP supplied them with the individual powders and test cartridges with various blends of the powders. We reported this to our vendor and they made the abrupt decision to discontinue the carbon rather than address the issue.

Due to No Fault of ITSP Solutions, Inc. a mandatory change was made to our QuEChERS Blends

After consulting with industry leaders about the issue two decisions were made. First the carbon in the blend has the principally used for removal of Chlorophyll and was not necessary in all methods. Second, a suitable alternative could be found that would produce similar results with the same or close to the same ratio of each powder.

ITSP Solutions, Inc. has always maintained the strict standard that once a product number was assigned, if there was a change to key components of that product number, such as sorbents, any change would also change the product number. We do this so that there is no confusion or overlap with the specifications of our products, and likewise our customers were absolutely clear before ordering additional supplies for their lab(s) and can take measures to satisfy their company’s needs.

To Recap These Changes Are Effective Immediately:

45-UMPCX-T, GC Clean-Up 96/tray is DISCONTINUED and replaced with 45-UCMPC-T

45-UMPCX-V, GC Clean-Up 108/pack is DISCONTINUED and replaced with 45-UCMPC-V

30-UC18HX-T, LC Clean-Up 96/tray is DISCONTINUED and replaced with 30-UC18HC-T

30-UC18HX-V, LC Clean-Up 108/Pack is DISCONTINUED and replaced with 30-UC18HC-V


New Carbon-Free QuEChERS Cartridges

These cartridges are identical to the above cartridges so employment of them should be easily done.

44-UMPC18-T, GC Clean-Up, No-Carbon 96/Tray

44-UMPC18-V, GC Clean-Up, No-Carbon 108/Pack

30-UC18ZS-T, LC Clean-Up, No Carbon 96/Tray

30-UC18ZS-V, LC Clean-Up, No Carbon 108/tray