ITSP Solutions µSPE Cleans up Samples in a Variety of Industries

Consider ITSP as a Wellness Program for your Analytical Instrument

ITSP Solutions, Inc. provides your lab with a modern solid phase extraction (SPE) device that incorporates µSPE into the autosampler of the LC-MS-MS and now your GC-MS-MS. ITSP’s µSPE solution replaces the tedious manual off-line process of sample clean-up long considered the gold-standard of sample preparation without slowing down the analytical instrument.


Product Overview

ITSP’s µSPE solution incorporates SmartSPE technology.

The unique shape of ITSP Solutions’ µSPE cartridge lets the popular CTC Analytics PAL3 RTC to use the analytical syringes’ precision-flow capability to accurately pass solvents and sample through the cartridge. Because of this break-through combination of technologies we are calling this SmartSPE.

ITSP’s µSPE cartridge is available for GC-MS-MS

The PAL3 RTC has a new tool that allows GC-MS-MS instruments to prepare samples using the syringe tool changer to off three different syringes.

SmartSPE Uses Look-Ahead for Simultaneous Prep and Analysis

The analytical instruments’ software that controls both the analytical instrument and the PAL3 RTC sample handler has a feature called Look-Ahead. This feature allows the RTC sample handler to prep a sample while the prior sample is being measured and the prepped to receive the next cleaned-up sample.

SmartSPE allows Enrichment without Dry-Downs

Use of chromatographic SPE knowledge. Cation exchange of basic drugs in blood (always mixed mode, 50 μm particles)

Automation Enabled via SPE Cartridge Transport on Syringe Needle

No limits; all sorbents supported. Accurate 50 to 100 ul elution with ease. On/offline automation with PAL System sample handler.

Oxycodone Van Deemter curves for SPE by ITSP

SmartSPE is Chromatography!

Optimized outcomes require accurate flow. SPE flow-driven pneumatically or by vacuum can not achieve and maintain optimum flow.