NEW! PFAS-free SmartSPE Cartridges, Polypropylene Sample and Elution Vials with PTFE-Free Septa

That’s right. ITSP Solutions has a complete on-line sample preparation solution for all PFAS analysis in all matrices including food, food packaging and water SmartSPE. SmartSPE cartridges are built with a variety of sorbents, Polyethylene frits and Polypropylene/silicone crimp seals. They are sold separately or in a kit that includes 11 mm Snap Caps Vials and Polypropylene/Silicone lined Snap Caps specific for optimized use with SmartSPE.

ITSP has proven you can load a large volume of water (1200 ul) to super concentrate analytes using precise flow rates on the cartridge then elute a small volume (200 ul) to achieve incredible peak shapes that auto-integrate to reduce analyst review time needed.

USDA tested and approved data is available for food packaging by clicking the link below.