About Us

Thank for your interest in ITSP Solutions, Inc. and SmartSPE™ Technology

We have been quiet for the last few years but not sitting idle. With CTC Analytics introduction of the PAL System RTC, with its rapid tool changer for multiple syringe capability, it opened the doors for ITSP SmartSPE technology to run on GC platforms. We were fortunate to work with industry leaders and early adopters to prove our technology as a solid smart SPE solution  for a variety of markets and therefore have made advances with their network of OEMs and VARs, and are glad to be integrated in their offerings as well. We look forward to working with them and each of you and to help you succeed.

Our approach to how we go about working with end-users has changed somewhat in the last three years. When CTC Analytics integrated our solution for micro-volume SPE, which they have called µSPE, as one of their wide variety of sample prep solutions on the PAL RTC we decided that we should focus our attention on supporting them with cartridges specific to their customer needs. They also began selling a factory-direct hardware kit and pre-defined object names so we knew that we would offer better support by working with their global network of OEMs and VARs to train them about proper set-up, ITSP SmartSPE concepts that would enhance the user experience, and technical support in problems that may arise.

We are proud of the relationship we have built with CTC Analytics and PAL System dealers as well the various instrument manufacturers who incorporate the versatility the PAL offers their analytical solutions. We also look forward to continuing our collaborations with our mutual customers but it was clear they were best positioned to create demand as employing ITSP either required a new PAL System, retrofitment of a RTC on an existing analytical instrument, or addition of a hardware kit and programming support required to run an ITSP method.

As you browse our site, bear in mind that most of what we offer usually are custom solutions
for specific customers or applications. If you do not see the items you desire please contact us discuss your specific application so we can provide you the correct solution for your application.