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Snap Cap w/Starburst Slit PP/S
Polypropylene Vial, 500 uL, LV
ITSP SPE, Phenomenex SDBL, 15mg

Separation mode: Reverse

20mg Agilent Bond Elut Plexa PCX

Separation mode: Reverse, SCX

ITSP SPE, Supelco Zirconia Coated Silica, 20mg
ITSP SPE, Amino Acid Special SCX, 25mg
25mg UCT Coconut Charcoal

Separation mode: Special

ITSP SPE, UCT Silica TPH, 25mg

Separation mode: Normal

ITSP SPE, UCT Coconut Char 25mg Sil Septa
The Bond Elut Certify extraction cartridge utilizes a packed bed consisting of a special, non-polar C8 sorbent and a strong cation exchanger (SCX). Certify is most commonly used to extract basic (cationic) drugs from urine and blood, but it is also very effective for extraction of a wide range of compounds from a diverse range of aqueous matrices.

Separation mode: Reverse, SCX

ITSP SPE, Phen. Polymeric RP, 20mg
ITSP SPE, Phen Poly. Strong Cation, 20mg
ITSP SPE, Phenomenex, Polystyrene Divinylbenzene
ITSP SPE, MilliporeSigma, NH2, 30 mg
ITSP SPE, Supelco Zirconia Coated Silica, 30mg

Separation mode: QuEChERS


Separation mode: QuEChERS