ITSP SPE, Supelco Zirconia Coated Silica, 30mg

Sigma-Aldrich Supel™ QuE Z-Sep+ enhances sample cleanup for complex matrices by effectively removing more fat and color from sample extracts than traditional phases for QuEChERS LC-MS methods. By eliminating problematic matrix interferences, Z-Sep products provide more robust LC-MS methods. This proprietary technology can replace C18 and PSA in your current methods without additional method development. Z-Sep+ is recommended for cleanup of samples containing greater than 15% fat.

U/M: 96/Tray

Separation mode: QuEChERS

Bedmass: 30 mg

Sorbent: Supel™ QuE Z-Sep+

Substrate: Silica

Functional Group: Zirconia

Sorbent Manufacturer: Sigma-Aldrich