Schriner, Richard, Bruce Morris et al

This poster was presented by Hill Laboratories at the 2014 Pittcon convention illustrating the advantages of ITSP versus dispersive SPE (dSPE) for the cleanup of QuEChERS extracts.

QuEChERS methods commonly use matrix-matched calibration standards to overcome suppression or enhancement of instrument signals by sample matrices. Non-polar matrices (oils) can be problematic for LC-MS/MS analyses of more difficult sample types such as spices or food ingredients. ITSP QuEChERS cleanup eliminates the need for matrix-matched calibration standards for both GC and LC pesticide residue analyses of QuEChERS extracts. ITSP removes more non-polar matrix than dSPE and gives improved recoveries compared to dSPE.

Effective matrix removal by ITSP allows the use of solvent-only LC-MS/MS calibration standards with acceptable recoveries of most pesticides in the large suite (422 analyte peaks) described in the poster.

United Science also made a presentation at the 2014 Pittcon convention illustrating the advantages of their CarbonX sorbent in ITSP SPE over GCB in dSPE.

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