ITSP SPE, with Jordi SCX Polymeric, 10mg

Jordi Gel SCX resin is a water wettable sulfonate modified divinylbenzene polymer for mixed mode cation exchange separations and reverse phase analyses. The media exhibits both reverse phase and ion exchange retention for a wide range of basic and neutral compounds allowing easy method development. The phase is stable over the complete pH range (0-14) and can be used with nearly any solvent allowing the use of a wide range of mobile phases. This phase shows excellent retention for essentially all of the common basic drugs of abuse. Sulfonated Stationary Phase – allows for cation exchange separations; 100%DVB – promotes increased durability, excellent flow properties and stability throughout the entire pH scale; Excellent Wettability – even after drying due to hydrophilic/hydrophobic balance

U/M: 96/Tray

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    Mixed Mode

    Separation mode: Reverse, SCX

    Bedmass: 10 mg

    Sorbent: Gel SCX

    Substrate: Polymeric

    Functional Group: Sulfonated DVB

    Sorbent Manufacturer: Jordi Labs