ITSP's SmartSPE™ is online SPE that delivers easy to operate high throughput automation in a single robust sample cleanup / measurement workflow.  Only ITSP achieves LC column performance in a single use SPE device! 

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ITSP Solutions is pleased to release data supporting ITSP's solution for alternatives to protein precipitation for extremely low volumes of plasma.

Produced by a CRO for CTC Analytics, Switzerland, ITSP Solutions, Inc. is pleased to post this application note that gives support to the precision of ITSP solutions when coupled with the PAL System PAL-xt with DLW. The poster was produced independent of ITSP Solutions, Inc. interaction and compares ITSP’s solid phase extraction technology with liquid/liquid extraction. We welcome you to review this work and consider options that are similar for your laboratory.

Solid Phase Extraction has long been the gold standard for laboratory sample clean-up but was considered cumbersome and prone to human error. Automation of SPE to date has required complex systems that automate sample preparation off-line or add unnecessary expense if integrated on the front end of an analytical instrument. Liquid/Liquid Extraction is another technique that is available to prep labs that uses a volume of solvents to chemically extract compounds. ITSP’s solution of automated SPE removes these issues and actually offers precision with micro-scale solid phase extraction unachievable by manual techniques while also eliminating the massive expense of other in-line/on-line sample preparation products.

ITSP solutions are available through a variety of PAL System resellers globally including local value added resellers and most instrument manufacturers. ITSP integrates into the Operating Systems of most analytical instruments and prepares samples while the analytical instrument is analyzing a prior prepared sample. ITSP reduces labor, solvents, client sample, and hazardous waste making it a “Green” solution for your lab.

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There is now a way to use ITSP to automate QuEChERS extractions.

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