MSACL and Pittcon 2016 Conferences

MSACL was in Palm Springs, CA and Pittcon was in Atlanta, GA this year. We enjoyed seeing many of our old friends and making many new ones at our booth and in various meetings and sessions. We showed booth visitors that ITSP is a superior disposable SPE technology unlike any other column or well-plate SPE format when coupled with the PAL System to achieve optimum flow characteristics of the packed chromatographic SPE sorbent.  So precise in fact that we are able to plot van Deemter curves for our cartridges replicating known HPLC chromatographic behavior and performance.

We also showed how ITSP disposable technology performs equal to expensive, highly technical 2D HPLC systems, then outperforms them by preventing introduction of unwanted sample matrix and cross-talk into the HPLC flow path from the expensive, multi-use SPE columns used with 2D HPLC. What’s more, ITSP SmartSPE can be totally automated and controlled for “push-button operation,” reducing the need for highly trained mass spec technicians.

Please review the application note attached below developed around our technology for Urine and Oral Fluid Pain Management and Drugs of Abuse compounds.  Attached as well is a comparison chart of where we fit in the Solid Phase Extraction technology market and Chief Science Officer Mark Hayward’s slides of the poster we presented at MSACL and then as a podium presentation at Pittcon (van Deemter curves on slide 12).

How ready are you to automate sample prep?  If you seek intelligent, logical, trusted technology, backed by facts and deep expertise, with proven high performance and ease of use, then you must consider ITSP SmartSPE™.  Is your lab operating as smart as it can be?  It will be with ITSP!

Special thanks go out to our collaborators: Martin Johnson at Assurance Labs and Tom Moran, Jonathan Ho, Peter Ratsep and Scott Cassidy at Shimadzu Scientific Instruments.