ITSP wins award at 2014 North American Chemical Residue Workshop

At the 2014 North American Chemical Residue Workshop (NACRW) in St. Pete Beach, Florida, Hill Laboratories analyst Bruce Morris, pictured below (left) with co-author Kim Gamble (right) owner of ITSP Solutions, Inc. (co-authors Richard Shriner of Hill Labs and Rick Youngblood of ITSP Solutions – not pictured), was awarded the Excellence in Sample Prep award by UCT for his oral presentation detailing their development and use of ITSP clean-up of QuEChERS extracts over the past several years. They were considered ‘high throughput’ at 200-300 samples per day. One of the attendees in the audience said they “liked the method but only had 30 to 40 samples a day that were all over the place in matrices”. Bruce clarified what he meant by ‘high throughput’ was that they have the same variety of matrix types but were able to simply modify the basic LC and GC methods to easily manage a few samples in one matrix and multiple samples in another. ITSP also won a Top Ten award for Best New Product on its introduction at the Lab Automation 2007 conference in Palm Springs, California.

A PDF copy of the presentation “Eliminating the need for Matrix-matched Calibration Standards for GC and LC Pesticide Residue Analyses of QuEChERS Extracts using a Robotic Solid Phase Extraction Clean-up Procedure” is linked below.