CTC Analytics offers ITSP as a OEM sample preparation solution as µSPE

CTC Analytics introduced their PAL RTC with several turnkey solutions and ITSP is one of those offerings. This opens the door for Gas Chromatographers to to access the benefits of ITSP’s in-line SmartSPE technology with the RTC’s ability to change syringes.

Their global network of OEMs and VARs can now order an ITSP hardware kit, product number PAL3-Kit-uSPE54, direct from the factory to run ITSP SPE methods. CTC first worked to get their PAL3 System validated and integrated in these fine analytical instrument companies and that process is essentially complete. CTC also championed ITSP to their global network and several have made ITSP (under the ITSP brand name or µSPE) a primary in-line offering on their versions of the PAL System RTC and RSI.

While CTC has focused their efforts on the food safety industry, their hardware kit includes all of the hardware components and integrated scripts to allow users the advantage of ITSP’s micro-volume in-line SPE sample prep across the full spectrum of the gold standard for sample preparation.

The following link gives you information and several tools to help you set-up ITSP on a PAL RTC or PAL RSI. Please ask your analytical instrument provider if they offer ITSP µSPE and share this link if they aren’t familiar with our products.